When will the news sites spell it right? When…?


guilty lazy terumi doodle break from commissions LOL

Vincent and Catherine

Vincent and Catherine

Alright, time to turn miuhinasaki into a horror game blog, yeahhhh.


Friend’s cat just had one kitten but it’s as cute as a whole litter

moekidu replied to your post: True love though. 

You are kawaii.

Thank you. *HOLDS IN ARMS.*

Your hair is beautiful.

MAN, I SHOULD SHOW YOU WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE NOW, which is 100 times better than what it looks like there. THAT WAS FROM A BLEACH MISHAP WHICH I COVERED OVER, sweats a lot. Now it’s just dark brown and needing a cut. *Sweats.*

True love though. 

I’m laughing, because my profile picture on FB is of me looking like I dressed myself with the insides of a garbage can, but you can see my lame ass weeaboo tattoo for love and both of my ferrets are on each of my shoulders and I’m so???